Short selling your home is not a decision you should make lightly.  It is often a difficult and long process.  If you are successful, the difference between what you sell the house for and what you owe on the house is forgiven.  You’ll also avoid a foreclosure on your record.  A short sale can be the best option for all parties involved (you, the bank, investors, etc), when you can’t keep up with your mortgage payments.

I am an experienced real estate agent with over 70 short sale transactions closed in the past three years by myself alone.  There is no short sale mitigation company doing it for me and no attorneys hired by my sellers.  All along I made all the negotiations for the sellers myself and got it done with happy endings.

My loan officer background at the bank helps me understand the process much better.  I know what the bank wants and I give it to them.  If I do not like your bank’s approval because of a deficiency or a promissory note terms, you won’t close on that short sale.  No matter what it takes, I will go back and re-negotiate your approval until it’s acceptable to you and me.

It’s not a short sale if you have to repay your entire deficiency balance for the rest of your life or face a deficiency judgment!  Remember, there are always options.  My closing rate is 100%. Why? I am consistent, persistent, stubborn and YES I get it done.

Happy Short Selling!
Kate OConnell